A combination of notes sometimes compels people to listen to them. This is a collective brought together by the will to create some of those combinations and perform them to those that are compelled by them. Positioned in the darker end of the spectrum, as far as music goes, these four good people seek to enlighten and cleanse aurally; a good scrub will hurt some.

Group photo STORY

The story of Ever Circling Wolves begins in Early 2007, when Henri Harell started to write songs for a solo project. That summer, these songs became the demo EP, Picturesque, Petrified, with tracked drums and all the other instruments played by Henri himself. With the demo ready, Henri started the grueling task of finding a line-up for a performing band.

The next level of evolution in the life of ECW was reached in the spring of 2008 with their first public performance in the Helsinki area band competition, Ääni & Vimma. The line-up at this point, in addition to Henri on guitar and vocals, was completed by Henri's brother Turkka Harell on drums, Kaisa Kelahaara on guitar and Terhi Savela on bass. These people, however, quit the band one after the other and were replaced by Jukka Aho (who had also done a brief stint as a drummer for the band before Turkka), Otto Forsberg and Arttu Kantola, respectively. Shortly afterwards Jukka was replaced with the band's first long-term drummer, Niko karjalainen. There was a new kind of inspiration about this new line-up, and new songs were written.

If 2008 ended on a positive note for the band, 2009 began with a whole chord. New songs were finished and ECW entered the studio for the first time as a band. They intended to record another EP, but they soon realized the material they amassed would make a fine full-length album. Thus came to be ECW's self-financed debut album, The Silence from Your Room. The line-up was also brought to stages, in Helsinki and Oulu, to play "real" gigs (the Ääni & Vimma performance consisted of just one song). Copies of the album were sent all over the planet and it made rounds on the Internet with free downloads sanctioned by the band.

Year 2010 brought on the hardship of Arttu being increasingly busy with his studies and other bands. In May, ECW played a couple of gigs with Lari Venho as a stand-in bassist, and shortly afterwards Arttu officially quit the band. Replacement was found in former Icarian man, Sami Nevala and towards the end of the year, ECW was back on track writing new songs, playing gigs and also recording an EP consisting of one fresh track and one re-recorded classic from the first EP.

The EP, titled Chapter III: in which the protagonist finds himself at the bottom of the ocean as well as in a petrified forest, was first released on the Internet in February 2011 and as a limited Digipak release a year later. With the band gigging more actively than ever before, ECW has reached at least some degree of underground success.

Wolves of the past