DISCOGRAPHY or: what have we done

  • Live @ Studio 2012
    Live EP, 2012
  • 01. Coeur (8:13)
  • Lyrics by Henri Harell
  • It's labyrinthine where I've followed you,
    It's dark and peril lies ahead.
    You've taken me where I fear to tread,
    Accidental siren in my view.

    Your eyes, your smile,
    They drive me.

    Dear friend, have mercy,
    Your path is crushing me.
    Let go of this halter
    That you hold unwillingly.

    Tears fall, heart is breaking,
    But no fetters constrict me.
    I will sit down and weep.
    Your path has broken me.

  • 02. One Joyless Night (12:15)
  • Lyrics by Henri Harell
  • I close my eyes and the air is still,
    As if reminding me of my current state
    Of immobility, I cannot achieve,
    Nor even function; I am static.

    I am warm, and yet I am cold,
    I am calm, and yet I am nervous,
    I want to move, desperately I wish to move,
    And to scream; yet I long for a moment

    Of calmness, I desire sleep,
    And will have none, not now.
    My head is bursting with memories,
    Some are happy, some are not;
    Some I can feel as if a goblet
    Of liquid happiness ran down my throat;
    Others sting and hurt as if a knife
    That is being twisted in the wound I call my heart.

    One moment I would like to fight
    This sense of overwhelming numbness,
    Another, I want to further numb myself,
    To clear my head of false hopes and lost causes,

    To administer anesthesia, to drown in dreams
    Hopefully better than the one I feel like
    I'm living in, for it hardly feels like life,
    More like a permanent trance, and myself

    Controlled by an external force.
    And at times, when the dream fades,
    Reality nearly knocks me senseless
    With its heavy, pounding toil.
    Let me not cry so long,
    As to dry my eyes out by crying;
    Let me not think so long,
    As to sink deeper into my despair,
    This psychic prison I build for myself.
    Let me not know the joys of life,
    As to save me from breaking down
    When all fails. This I know:
    I will fail.