NEWS or: what is going on

Quarantined Haunted 2020

A new video to an old song! The pandemic has us practicing social distancing, which entails not practicing as a group but we still manage to get things done.Apr 29th, 2020

ECW expands!

We'd like to announce that our long time stand-in drummer, Eero Järvenpää, has officially joined the band. This doesn't mean Niko is leaving, though, but instead that Eero will be taking part in creating and recording new material in the future, and hopefully some day we can even do something with two drummers at once.Oct 6th, 2017

'Of Woe' is out now on Cimmerian Shade Recordings!

The long-awaited sophomore album is finally here! You may not have even realized it yet, but you were awaiting. That is the reason you've been experiencing shortness of breath lately.
'Of woe' is available at Spotify, Bandcamp, CSR, Google Play and iTunes. Vinyl and cassette release dates for Europe are announced soon.

We have also a upcoming album release gig at Oranssi, Helsinki at March 11!Jan 27th, 2017

The best of the new year to you all!

We kickstarted the first days of 2013 by pondering which albums were the best of 2012; the results can be checked out here, from our band blog. In other news, the recording process is still underway, but we're getting there! All the guitar and bass parts are now done, and next we're moving on to record the vocals. We'd also like to remind you that we are playing a gig in a week in Helsinki; come see us if you can! Jan 6th, 2013

Greetings from the studio!

In case you haven't been reading our Facebook page or our blog, we'd like inform you that we haven't been picking our noses and digging our navels all this time. On the contrary, we have spent 1-2 days per week for the last couple of months in our studio, recording material for our upcoming album. Currently the album looks something like this:

Guitars: 78% (7/9)
Bass: 44% (4/9)
Drums: 100% (7/7)
Vox: 0% (0/6)

So, we're getting there! Stay tuned! Oct 10th, 2012


An interview is added to the Links section. Oct 10th, 2012

Studio action

Just moments ago, we released another live song from our trip to the studios, along with a video witnessing how the song was recorded. You can watch the song in Youtube and download the song for free from Soundcloud or Jun 25th, 2012

New song recorded

Only a couple weeks after our little trip to the studios, we present you some of the results: Coeur. This is a song that'll be on our next album, but this is not the album version; this is a version that was recorded live in studio. This is not how we sound on album; this is how we sound live. The song can be downloaded from Souncloud or from for free. Please enjoy. May 17th, 2012

Studio diary pt 1

All went well; we spent the past three days in the studio recording the drum tracks for the upcoming full length album. So far, we've recorded 7 drum tracks and 2 full-band studio live takes, of which the latter ones will be released during the summer. For more in-depth stories, go see the band's blog. Apr 30th, 2012

Plans for upcoming album

If all goes well, we'll be entering the studio once again at the end of April. Should all go as planned, a new full-length album can be expected to be released before the end of this year. Mar 20th, 2012

The band congratulate Henri on surviving all the way from his 27th birthday to the 28th without joining the 27 Club. Mar 3rd, 2012

We have finally a physical version of Chapter III EP available! Currently you can buy the CD via Dethroned Productions (€ 4,00 + postage), but in the near future you can buy it also straight from us from concerts or by dropping us an email (contact at ecwdoom dot com). Dec 17th, 2011

The band have returned from the Heavy Metal Cruise, somewhat alive, with a reasonabe amount of tax free goods. We'd like to thank all of you who were there and made it to see us play at 12:30 pm - quite a feat, really! We wish to see you again, soon. Nov 26th, 2011

As of yesterday, Otto is now officially a Bachelor of Arts. In addition to that, a new concert was added and the gear section is again up-to-date. Oct 5th, 2011

A great concert 'twas, once again! The band would like to express thanks to Brymir, Refusal, IA, the staff of Gloria, and everyone who attended. Sep 9th, 2011

≈Last week Otto got hospitalized due to appendicitis. Now he is recovering from the surgery and everything seems to be well. Aug 21st, 2011

Video collage from the Chapter III recording sessions uploaded to Youtube. You can watch it also in the Media section. May 17th, 2011

Discography and complete lyrics added. May 12th, 2011

Domain registered, site officially online. May 11th, 2011

Project for new home site initiated. May 8th, 2011