DISCOGRAPHY or: what have we done

  • The Silence from Your Room
    CD, 2009
  • 02. Chanson d'Hiver (9:16)
  • Lyrics by Henri Harell
  • It's so white all around
    In the clear light of day,
    Distances are hard to make out,
    And so are shapes.
    A freezing wind blows,
    And in addition
    Tears and snowflakes in my eyes
    Are blurring my vision.

    This time of year I'm reunited
    With the demons I thought I'd lost in the summer.
    A desperate frolic through this harrowing beauty,
    It feels as though the winter never leaves.

    I'm dragging my husk through the snowfall
    On an obscure path that leads nowhere.
    Wintertime always brings out the sadness in me
    And a recurring nightmare has the face of a dead friend.

    You never thought you'd die like this, right?
    No one to hold your hand.
    The ambrosia you have drunk was drawn from Lethe.
    Before the first flowers of spring graves bloom in winter.
  • 03. & 04. Dear Eva (9:28)
  • Lyrics by Henri Harell
  • Each new day greets me with greyness.
    A phantom pain replaces what was cut out.
    In a fit of passion I embrace the floor,
    It will not let me fall further.

    I'm wrapping myself inside me,
    Lest I freeze to death.
    The sun is cold to me now,
    You took the warmth away.

    Life has taught me not to hope,
    Yet hope lives on.
    Have I learned nothing?

    Won't you come closer to my side?
    Don't you know that I'm still here?
    Dear Eva,
    The silence from your room is stifling.

    Why won't you come closer to my side?
    You know that I'm still here.
    Dear Eva,
    The words you don't say are stifling.

    What went wrong
    In that mind of yours?

    O, you vile temptress,
    You had me in your snare.
    I would have worshipped
    The earth beneath your feet.

    Your mouth stayed shut, but in your eyes
    I saw a fire had turned to ice.
  • 06. Alone, Into the Silence of Ice (10:22)
  • Lyrics by Henri Harell
  • The chilly breath of years,
    Thousands before you,
    Wreaths you in its cold arms,
    Binds your limbs and tongue.

    Hatred of yester-years,
    All the havoc wrought.
    Future holds no prospect warmer,
    We will all freeze to death.

    No words, no song, no sighs,
    No screams, no cries.
    Deflect the sun, alone,
    Into the silence of ice.