DISCOGRAPHY or: what have we done

  • Chapter III
    EP, 2011
  • 01. In the Trench (8:35)
  • Lyrics by Henri Harell
  • A vast plutonian deep,
    devoid of light.
    A tremendous weight
    is crushing my lungs.

    Swallowing the brine,
    I reflect and see:
    Your friends die laughing.

    Fettered, no doubt,
    by my own actions.
    The anglerfish are noble,
    they provide me with light.

    They said if I believe
    my dreams could come true,
    but my dreams are nightmares now
    that they're still of you.

    Perhaps you'll hear my words from the deep,
    Uttered to convey this meaning:
    Dear Eva,
    I need you like I need the water I breathe.
  • 02. Picturesque, Petrified (6:48)
  • Lyrics by Henri Harell
  • No movement in my sight,
    No wind blows.
    The landscape is paralysed,
    Silver bands hold me.

    My wailing echoes
    Through the void
    Though my mouth is shut
    And no one else is there.

    The wind is picking up,
    Still no movement in the trees.
    But my voice fades away.
    I sink into darkness.

    Never sleeping, dead, I dream
    Of faint movement in the soil.
    Broken by decay, life unfolds
    In a myriad of planes.
    My presence rectified
    As I plunge into a new
    Hallucination, it confounds me.
    How can I be?

    Skeletal trees, never moving.
    No matter how I run,
    I stay still. They mock me
    For I can't grow wings.

    Frozen utterly, amidst this loss
    Of my sanity, fighting fear.
    Emptiness is all that I have,
    It is my own.

    My mind repeating
    A passage I read.
    I whisper to myself:
    "Nothing hurts."