DISCOGRAPHY or: what have we done

  • Of Woe or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Gloom
    CD/vinyl/cassette, 2017
  • 01. Sunrise Has Gone (2:44)

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  • 02. Coeur (8:10)
  • Lyrics by Henri Harell

  • It's labyrinthine where I've followed you,
    It's dark and peril lies ahead.
    You've taken me where I fear to tread,
    Accidental siren in my view.

    Your eyes, your smile,
    They drive me

    Dear friend, have mercy,
    Your path is crushing me.
    Let go of this halter
    That you hold unwillingly.

    Tears fall, heart is breaking,
    But no fetters constrict me.
    I will sit down and weep.
    Your path has broken me.

  • 03. Haunted (8:50)
  • Lyrics by Henri Harell

  • I hold your hand, lest I lose you in the fog.
    It's everywhere, I think we're lost.
    Hurry up, we must get away.
    No one haunts us but me.

    I turn away from your eyes.
    I look again, and they have changed.
    Was it something I said or did?
    Was it something I buried?

    Are you still holding my hand?
    I cannot feel it any more.
    I cannot feel the wind blow,
    I cannot hear your voice.

    Please, bring me back into the light,
    I'm sorry for what I've done.
    Please, dig me up from the ground,
    Or is it you that I have buried?

    I will lay my dreams to rest,
    Winter grows within my chest,
    Icy fingers creep in slow,
    The ever circling wolves of woe.
    Hope flickers out beneath,
    I am clutched by claws of grief.
    I try to change, but it's in vain,
    All will be ruined, I am to blame.

  • 04. In The Trench (8:20)
  • Lyrics by Henri Harell

  • A vast plutonian deep,
    devoid of light.
    A tremendous weight
    is crushing my lungs.

    Swallowing the brine,
    I reflect and realize:
    Your friends die laughing.

    Fettered, no doubt,
    by my own actions.
    The anglerfish are noble,
    they provide me with light.

    They said if I believe
    my dreams could come true,
    but my dreams are nightmares now
    that they're still of you.

    Perhaps you'll hear my words from the deep,
    Uttered to convey this meaning:
    Dear Eva,
    I need you like I need the water I breathe.

  • 05. Challenger Deep (6:25)

  • "And all those secrets will be
    safe forever under watery fathoms."
    -H.P. Lovecraft: ”the Colour out of space”

  • 06. Deeper (5:22)
  • Lyrics by Henri Harell and Otto Forsberg

  • I'm floating down (and deeper)
    into darkness.
    No beams of light (I am)
    completely sightless.

    I wanted to discover worlds,
    to build my home on solid ground.

    This solitude (crushing me)
    like the pressure
    I have now reached (the bottom)
    so cold and dead.

    I wanted to find worlds with you,
    and now I find them all untrue.

    And I retreat to sleep, (I've found peace here)
    to my ghastly wet grave. (in this realm deep down)
    Closing eyes, ceasing breathing. (I will stop swimming)
    Consciousness slips away. (and I will drown)
    Nightmares mar my sleep, (I've found peace here)
    despair haunts my wake. (in this realm deep down)
    Though you did not mean to do so, (I will stop swimming)
    your actions made me break. (and I will drown)

  • 07. Lenore (9:16)
  • Lyrics by Henri Harell

  • A single moment, suspended in time,
    Your gaze meeting mine.
    A moment so precious, I scarcely dare to dream,
    Is not real, though it might seem.
    I’m reading things in the way you move,
    Or how I recall that you did.
    I trace your likeness in the night sky,
    But all the details are lost in the rain.

    Who cometh knocking on my
    Chamber door?
    It is the wind
    and nothing more.

    Pray, grace an admirer with your smile,
    Bestow a kindness, warm my heart,
    Let me bask in your glow until we part.
    But nothing is forever, not even your smile.

    You rare and radiant maiden,
    In my mind, your halo's waning.
    You’re not here but a sublime memory of you stays.
    You are like hell in so many ways.

  • 08. Ibn Qirtaiba (1:36)

  • "Ibn qirtaiba: ’Thus go the holy words...’ formal
    beginning to fremen religious incantation
    (derived from panophilia propheticus)"
    -Frank Herbert: Dune

  • 09. These Are Ashes, These Are Roots (15:23)
  • Lyrics by Henri Harell

  • Of filth born, into a world of filth,
    A king without a throne.
    We crawl before you in awe,
    You, vermin born to rule us all.

    Sickly limbs, filthy claws, my liege,
    You are terror in the flesh.
    Your promises of bliss are lies.
    You feed upon our hopelessness.
    And when the light of life is gone,
    You welcome us into your maw.
    I tremble in the presence of
    The scum that has ensnared our minds.

    The relics of a time gone by,
    What we should have left behind,
    Hang like a shadow, blot out the sun,
    they’ve cursed this world, yet they go on.

    Untold prophets, spewing nonsense,
    Seem to herald end of all.
    It’s upon us, Rat Man rising
    Shapes the world into
    a mockery of what we have evolved to.

    rat man rising!